Author of the Season


Every season we pick an AUTHOR OF THE SEASON. We create a special merch box that contains exclusive and exciting merch from inspired by the books of the chosen author. Essentially, it is a multi-fandom box honouring the works of one young-adult fiction writer. We will be also hosting read-alongs, giveaways and challenges to further spread the joy and celebrate our beloved authors!

Each quarterly box includes a dust jacket or a dust jacket set for one of the books/series as well as additional 5-6 items. Some of the items that might get included in these boxes are t-shirts, mugs, wearables, bookmarks, art prints, pins and so on.


It's no secret Stephanie is one of our personal favourites. When it comes to building magical worlds and head-dizzying love interests, there is no one who could match her! We are dedicating the season of romance and colours - fall - to Stephanie's worlds and characters that we all love!

Join our activities and if you would like to have some exciting and exclusive merch inspired by Stephanie Garber stories, pre-order your Author of the Season now!

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