We'd like to introduce to you a fresh and exciting QUARTERLY box that will

honour your favourite authors and their books!


Every season we will pick an AUTHOR OF THE SEASON. We will create a special merch box that will contain exclusive and exciting merch from the worlds of the author. Essentially, it will be a multi-fandom box honouring the work of one YA writer.  We will be also hosting read-alongs, giveaways and challenges to further spread the joy and celebrate our beloved authors!

What's in the box?

Each quarterly box will include a dust jacket or a dust jacket set for one of the books/series  as well as additional 4-6 items. Some of the items that might get included in these boxes are t-shirts, mugs, wearables, bookmarks, art prints, pins and so on.


Author of the SPRING season - V.E. Schwab!

If the world would be in need of Avengers type of writers team, Victoria would without a doubt take a place on it! Victoria's superpowers range from creating portals to alternative Londons to summoning monsters, and even being on the good side of the devil itself! We are dedicating the season of the fresh start and possibilities - spring - to Victoria's worlds and villainous characters that we all love!

Join our activities and if you would like to have some exciting and exclusive march inspired by V.E. Schwab stories, pre-order your Author of the Season box down below!

The box will include a full set of dust jackets (x3) for A Darker Shade of Magic series (UK Collector's edition), as well as 4-6 exclusive fun items! One of the items is... a ceramic mug! Shh,  just don't tell the others!

The pre-orders are open through March or until the boxes are sold out. The number of crates are very limited as usual, so don't wait too long to get your own! Shipping will start from 24th May.

Author of the season - SPRING EDITION

Author of the season - SPRING EDITION