We'd like to introduce to you a fresh and exciting QUARTERLY box that will

honour your favourite authors and their books!


Every season we will pick an AUTHOR OF THE SEASON. We will create a special merch box that will contain exclusive and exciting merch from the worlds of the author. Essentially, it will be a multi-fandom box honouring the work of one YA writer.  We will be also hosting read-alongs, giveaways and challenges to further spread the joy and celebrate our beloved authors!


It's a big project that requires your support. We want to create a box that YOU would enjoy, so we ask you to help us to decide how the box will look like, what is going to be included and how much it will cost. 

Please answer to the questions below. The first AUTHOR OF THE SEASON that we plan is V.E. Schwab and her works (ADSOM, Vicious and other). The box would come to pre-order in March and would be shipped out in May.