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Frequently asked questions

What is Moonlight Crate?

Moonlight Crate is a bookish small business that curates monthly and special book boxes and creates book-inspired merch and products. Our special boxes include various goodies/books, more information could be found in the description of the particular box. Our monthly MOONLIGHT CRATE COLLECTION boxes contain 5 collectible bookish items and an additional changing item, all related to the monthly theme of the box.

How much do your crates cost?

Our monthly MOONLIGHT CRATE COLLECTION boxes cost 24£ + shipping. Special boxes and separate items have various costs, please check when ordering.

When is my subscription renewed?

Your subscription is renewed every month 25-30th (5-6 weeks before the box ships out), depending on which day you've started your subscription the first time. For example, if you subscribe 25-30th August, you will receive October's box, and will be charged again 25-30th September for November's box.

When monthly MOONLIGHT CRATE COLLECTION boxes ship out?

Monthly boxes ship out 4-10th of each month. For example, if you subscribed 25-30th August, you will receive October box which will ship out between 4-10th October. After you get charged in 25-30th September, you will receive November's box that ships our 4-10th November.

I am an artist/business and would like to become a vendor. How do I contact you?

We are glad to hear you want to be involved! Please use contact form on Contact page. If you are selling items, we might ask to send us some samples. Don't forget to add your social/website links. Please also include your wholesale/commercial price list for the reference.

I am a youtuber/blogger. How do I get a free box for a review?

We are happy to hear you want to spread the new about our crate! We do not currently send promotional boxes to influencers, but if you believe you have something to offer that could make us to make an exception, please contact us. Use the contact form on Contact page and add your profile links, as well as estimated reach numbers, and we will contact you after we review your application.

I am an author. How my book can get included in the box?

We are very interested in discovering new independant authors. Use contact form on Contact page and let us know about you and your book. We might ask you to send an arc, which we could read and decide whether your book is the right fit for our crate.

Return policy

Once we box is shipped out we won't accept any returns or exchanges.


Once a is processed (shipping label created or shipping notification sent out) we will not be able to cancel your order.

Loss and Damages

Tracked boxes are insured by the courier, therefore, we cover up to 100% of damages, but we take each case on a case by case basis. In the event that your box has not been delivered due to an incorrect address/insufficient information, we will not issue a refund as we can only ship to the information provided. If your box was not delivered for another reason, contact us and we will review your claim and make a decision from there. If you chose standard shipping and your box was not delivered, we will issue a refund only on a case by case basis. If your box has arrived damaged or items are missing, you have up to 15 days to notify us and begin a claim. You will be required to provide photographic evidence. Any claims submitted after 15 days will not be entitled to a replacement or refund.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide (or where Royal Mail services ship at the moment).

How do I subscribe to monthly MOONLIGHT CRATE COLLECTION boxes?

Every month 25-30th you have an opportunity to subscribe for the upcoming box. After this period, you are only able to buy a one-time box, if there are any available after our current or new subscribers got one.

How do I cancel/freeze my subscription?

Our system doesn't allow automatic cancelling and it must be done manually by us. Please contact us at least 3-4 days BEFORE the renewal period (25-30th) to be able to cancel. If you are late, you will be charged for the next month, but we will cancel your subscription after it. We can't freeze subscriptions. The only option is to contact us and get your subscription cancelled which you can later renew if there is available space for subscriptions.

What is included in monthly MOONLIGHT CRATE COLLECTION box?

Every box includes 5 collectible items that stay the same every month, only fandoms, designs and vendors might change. At the moment, the collection is consisted of... The box also includes 1 item that changes every month and is either bigger, more valuable or heavier. In total, you'll receive 6 exclusive items, 1-2 items for each fandom.

How do I change card/address information for my subscription?

You should be able to change your card information on your profile, as well as your address, but please email us at with your new address as well, so we could double-confirm it was definitely changed.