I've been waiting for you...

Hell is empty and all the devils are here, but we have Juliette Ferrars and her badass team to beat the devils and make the world a better place. However, we must remember the world as it was before so we wouldn‘t repeat the mistakes that were made, and to get back to where it all have started, we have created a special box that will definitely help you to imagine a better tomorrow once you read the final book in the incredible and our beloved Shatter Me series.

Well, then, what‘s in the box?

During the sign-up campaign we did something different, and actually asked YOU, what you like and want to get in such a special box. We were extremely pleased as it turns out, great minds think alike, and all your choices matched our plans for the box! So we can honestly and firmly state that there will be something for everyone in this box.

We can already reveal that the box definitely will include...

  • A candle

  • An ENAMEL mug

  • A WEARABLE fabric ITEM

  •  additional exclusive 6-7 items

It‘s a MERCH ONLY box and won‘t include a book or any author content, but it is curated by the true fans of the series so every item is picked with love and dedication.

Moreover, boxes will ship around 23rd March, so it will likely reach you before the official release of Imagine Me. That means you will be able to enjoy the contents while reading it, and what can be better than that?!

There is a LIMITED TIME to pre-order your box which starts from today up until 15th January.  To be able to make this box we must reach a certain quote of sold boxes, so in case it doesn't happen until the final pre-ordering day, we will be cancelling and refunding all the pre-orders.

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