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- Aquarius

- Gryffindor

- Night Court lady
- Loves Clockwork Princess

- Dates Will Herondale

- Crazy about enamel mugs

- Must have a bite of

chocolate every single day


- Pisces

- Slytherclaw

- Winter Court lady
- Loves Unravel Me

- Dates Aaron Warner and Jacks

- Crazy about pins and fanart

- Becomes obsessed over fandoms

way too quickly

Hi, Witchlings!

Spending years on Instagram bookish community, we have always been very curious of how book boxes are put together and we kept dreaming that one day, we will also be able to share our reading joy with others through book boxes. When we found each other on bookstagram and instantly became good friends sharing the same passion for reading, we realized that we finally have the right partner to start this adventure with, which we named... Moonlight Crate.

New canvas.png

Spells and potions,

our story

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