Caraval dust jacket set includes three dust jackets (two unseen ones and Finale dust jacket featured in our January crate) and are fitted for UK hardback editions. All three dust jackets are drawn by incredibly talented; picturing the most memorable scenes from each of the books, the jackets will definitely make your Caraval collection look magical! Moonlight Crate also designed an exclusive pin that you will receive together with your dust jacket set! Pin will be exclusive to dust jacket orders. We will not reveal the full designs, but will be posting sneak peaks of the artworks on our social networks!


If you order in 24 hours, you will receive a special extra item from Moonlight Crate team! 


The sets are planned to ship out around 25th June.






If you bought our January box and already have Finale dust jacket, once the pre-orders are launched, we will be emailing a discount code. However, code can only be used by January subscribers and Moonlight Crate has a system to check if the code is used fairly. If it will be used by someone who didn't get January box from us, your order will be cancelled.

The dust jackets set is scheduled to be shipped at the end of June, however, due to the current situation in the world, there is a possibility it might get delayed into July. By pre-ordering the set you are acknowledging we will not be accepting cancellations because of the late delivery of the item (unless it will get delayed even longer than 30th July or we will not be able to continue with manufacturing as then cancellations will be accepted). However, it is still now scheduled for June and if we must delay the set, we will be informing you immediately through email. 

Caraval Dust Jacket SET + pin // SECRET LINK