It's a renaissance, spider monkeys! Vampires are rising from the ashes, and we are fully into it! Moonlight Crate wants to create something to celebrate the reawakening and since we all love dust jackets... 



The dust jackets will have original artworks designed by @shockkatie. The art is inspired by the original cover aesthetic, characters and locations, and as our previous dust jackets, could be used as wall art or dust jackets (no titles and book cover graphics). 



Please double-check which hardcover editions you own and whether measurements fit our options, it's your responsibility to make sure the size is correct. We have a selection of different sizes that you can choose, but there is always a possibility of slight inaccuracy which should not cause any discomfort.


≈22.5cm - ALL // (Atom UK)

All 5 dust jackets will be the same UK size.

≈22cm - FIRST 4 // ≈23cm - MS // (Little Brown USA)

First 4 books will be in height of 22cm, Midnight Sun in height of 23cm
≈22cm - ALL // (Little Brown USA)

If you wish to use another book instead of Midnight Sun to display your collection or would like to use the jackets as wall art, this option lets you choose ALL books to be in USA size.

If there are any issues or inaccuracies you've noticed about the sizes please contact us via the website!


If there are any issues while ordering or with your order please email us at or via the website.

Please make sure you put your correct email and address when ordering.


From dusk 'till dawn... DUST JACKET SET