The Crow Club is accepting new members, and if you think you have what it takes - determination to crush your enemies, craving for some coin, love for guns and blades, and live by carpe diem philosophy, then join us!

And there are also some exciting perks in joining The Crow Club as you will receive a mysterious MERCH crate, filled with items that during signing-up campaign, YOU had a chance to tell us what items you'd like to get in your box, and your top choices made into it, including A BOOKSLEEVE (with a beautiful design featuring a couple of troublemakers), A SHIRT (on fridays we wear black... right?!) and DUST JACKETS (by, of course!)! And that's not even everything! You will receive 12 items with your crate in total, so there definitely will be something for everyone! We have even 5 different and amazingly talented artists working on prints and designs for this box, and we will have some reveals soon, so keep an eye for them! We put our biggest efforts to create a box for our beloved characters and we can't wait for you to see it! Keep in mind that the interest during the sign-ups campaign was much bigger than the number of crates available for pre-order, so don't oversleep them! Get yours now!


The crates are scheduled to ship around 15-25th August. The exact shipping window will be specified closer to August via email notifications.






The Crow Club - special crate

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