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WHAT's in?

During the sign-up campaign, YOU had a chance to tell us what items you'd like to get in your box, and your top choices made into it, including A BOOKSLEEVE (with a beautiful design featuring a couple of troublemakers), A SHIRT (black!) and DUST JACKETS (by wonderful, of course!)! And that's not even everything! You will receive 12 items with your crate in total, so there definitely will be something for everyone!


This special merch crate costs 36 pounds (around 44$). And shipping to UK is 4 pounds, Europe 15 pounds, elsewhere 20-23 pounds. All the items are manufactured in UK and Europe by small and bigger local businesses, so they are all in great quality and made with lots of care! We also have 5 different artists on board creating exclusive designs for the items, so everything will look beautiful and your favourite characters will definitely be brought to life! The value of the box is around 100 pounds (even more, considering the exclusivity of the items), and we have a very limited quantity available. 


The crates are scheduled to be shipped in the second half of August. If there are any changes, they will be immediately communicated through email and our socials.


Do you ship to 'x' country?

We ship worldwide and although to some countries at the moment shipping is limited, hopefully, at the end of the summer, the shipping services will get back to work as it was. So at this point, yes your crate can be shipped to your country. All crates have tracking codes.

How many paper items there will be?

Only 2-3 items are prints in this crate. Everything else has some kind of usable purpose (besides being a decorative artwork piece) or are made from other materials. 

Will you still have some crates left on 'x' day?

Moonlight Crate boxes are usually very limited and this crate is also limited, as the number of people signing up for it during our sign-up campaign was much higher than the number of crates available. We can't tell when they will sell out, but we won't be restocking, and usually, by our previous experience, we don't have any extra crates left after they are shipped out. 

Can I reserve a box to buy later?

Due to the high demand for this special crate, we are not currently providing reservation list. If this changes, we will be informing everyone on our socials.

Will there be more reveals?

Yes! Keep an eye on our Instagram account as this is where it's most likely we will be posting more item reveals, announcing artists working on this box, and sharing sneak peeks!

Is there any discount code for it?

No discount or promotional codes apply for special crates.

There won't be any sales for it either at any point.